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Delta Crawfish delivers to Tunica  thru July. Call 363-1351 for info.
If you are interested in having us cater a cooking for your needs contact us

Before you enter the alley, for those of you who might not know or wonder, Crawfish Alley is located just east of Edwards Ave. in downtown Tunica, Mississippi. Every April about 25 volunteers, a.k.a. "The Crawfish Crew" who are parents of students and/or alumni of Tunica Academy, get together and cook and sell crawfish as a fundraiser for the school during the annual Rivergate BBQ Festival held in Rivergate Park in downtown Tunica. This annual gathering of the mudbug lovers over the years has grown into one of the top attractions to the Tunica Rivergate Festival, which draws about 10,000 people to Tunica during the weekend, usually the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday in April. In Crawfish Alley you can eat some of the best tastin' crawfish this side of the swamps of Louisiana, drink cold delicious margaritas or ice cold beer and eat some tasty BBQ or just relax and enjoy the music and the crowd and just plain have fun. Nobody knows how to throw a party better than a bunch of Mississippi rednecks!!!  So show up in April and find out for yourself.

The following pages are a small sample of our antics and the fun we have. Buckle up &  The Alley



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